donderdag 28 oktober 2021
Location FMCCA te Antwerpen of online
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Asset Performance 4.0

Namens BEMAS willen wij u uitnodigen voor de Asset Performance 4.0 op 26 - 28 oktober 2021 in Antwerpen.

Asset Performance 4.0 is een hybride conferentie en beurs voor iedereen die bezig is met digitalisering en nieuwe technologieën in onderhoud, asset management en operations. Het event vindt plaats van 26 tot 28 oktober in Antwerpen en online.

Op 28 oktober wordt door Sirris en KicMPi het Interreg project Praktijklab Corrosie & Isolatie aan u voorgesteld.

Praktijklab Corrosie & Isolatie 

Donderdag 28 oktober om 14.15 uur:

Practice-oriented research into new methods for corrosion management and monitoring Jeroen Tacq (Sirris) & Leendert Schouten (KicMPi)

KIC|MPI (Kennis en innovatiecentrum Maintenance Procesindustrie), Scalda, the Antwerp Maritime Academy and Sirris are developing infrastructure where new corrosion management solutions can be developed, tested and demonstrated in realistic but controlled circumstances. These new ‘CorrosionLabs’, are supported by the EU under the Interreg program Vlaanderen-Nederland. Our goal is to provide the industry with a relevant test-bed where real industrial circumstances can be created in a controlled way. Innovative solutions can be developed and tested, including coating systems, insulation methods and choice of materials. The infrastructure will also be used to investigate how industry 4.0 solutions can change the way in which assets are being maintained and managed. Innovative corrosion and moisture monitoring solutions will be investigated and their performance evaluated together with industrial partners. This includes evaluating minimum detection levels and response rate in relation to the risk presented by monitored parameters. Data driven corrosion management can reduce uncertainty as well as operating costs, but only if there is certainty about sensor performance. Evaluation in a controlled environment can help to get better insight in sensor reliability. In addition to providing a test-bed, the CorrosionLabs will also be able to evaluate corrosion prevention measures like coatings, process water conditioning, new materials and new insulation techniques in a short timeframe by accelerating the degradation processes. It is critical that the accelerated test conditions are sufficiently representative for in-field conditions. This presents an important challenge. Within the CorrosionLabs, new solutions to this challenge can be explored. Data driven corrosion management is more than selecting appropriate sensors. It’s also about where these sensors need to be deployed and what you do with the data. Within the SOCORRO project, Artificial Intelligence is used to develop a corrosion management framework for water-submerged or water-containing structures. Water parameters are linked to a corrosion risk and accumulated risk can be used for asset management. On the long run, the goal of a data driven corrosion management approach should be automatic work order generation. The steps we are taking towards this with the approach in the SOCORRO project will be explained and opportunities for future developments discussed.

What's Asset Performance 4.0?

The Asset Performance 4.0 Hybrid Conference & Exhibition offers a unique opportunity to learn how new 4.0 technologies and fundamentals in operations, maintenance and asset management reinforce each other in order to achieve higher equipment reliability and cost performance in asset intensive industries. 

Why join Asset Performance 4.0?

Asset Performance 4.0 includes an extensive programme for everyone, both for people who want to get acquainted with digital transformations in maintenance and asset performance, and for those who want to gain more in-depth insights into how algorithms work and can be applied to prevent failures and increase the performance of installations and machines.

Besides an extensive conference programme with 25 practical cases and +70 presentations in 6 tracks, there are also 20 workshops where you can get to work with innovative technologies and insights into asset performance.

Finally, there is also a focused exhibition where you can meet 50 innovative players, with a unique format of Expert Talks, where you can discover the expertise of our exhibitors in 10 minutes.


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